Ella "Tall Tide" Kneebone

The life of a pirate isn't all clashing sword fights and plundering treasure. Sometimes you just need a break from all the piracy and adventure on the high seas and just have a sit down. Like Ella "Tall Tide" Kneebone here, I can't decide if she looks pensive, exhausted or just bored. But judging by that treasure, she's earned a little "down time".

Ella "Tall Tide" Kneebone's Cabin

Those Darn Pirates

Dear Cardinal Augustus,

Pirates once again attacked the church of St. Lucia today. There were no fatalities this time but docent Marcus received quite a knock on the head. We really need to address the issues stemming from the misunderstanding about the steps of the church. How that cartographer misheard "measure of truth" as "treasure of blue" is mind-boggling, but it's been nothing but trouble since. Whatever you can do would be most appreciated.


Docent Jorge, St. Lucia church


PS, send my regards to Mark of Falworth, I'm a big fan of his work.

The Battle of St. Lucia