Leica III

As an old school photographer, starting back when we used (gasp!) film, I've always appreciated the classic styling of the Leica. I've never owned one, or even held one for that matter, but admired from a distance. This oversized model by Milan CMadge captures it's essence perfectly, so well in fact that from a thumbnail you can barely tell it's brick-built. And if you're having trouble determining the scale of this thing, just look at the neck strap attachments on the side, it's a monster. Or you can just check out this image.

Leica III


I deal with camera issues all the time as a photographer and videographer. But I've never had to deal with a camera that transforms into three separate characters. This is Reflector, from the Transformers cartoon, built by MortalSwordsman. It transforms into Spyglass, Viewfinder and Spectro seen below. My big question is how are they with hot pixels and flickering with sequential images?

Say Cheese!

Chris McVeigh is back with another brilliant little build. For the seasoned reader you'll recognize this classic camera style, you know, the kind you had to load film into and didn't see your pictures for days, if not weeks or longer. He was also kind enough to share a building guide for it on his website. You can also order it in kit form in several colors, how cool is that?

Classic Camera


When I was in high school I got my first camera, the venerable Pentax K1000. I learned all the principals of photography with that camera, and it holds a special place in my heart. So to see it (or at least a generic contemporary) in brick form from one of my favorite builders was a total squee moment this morning (luckily no one was around). Powerpig presents his latest addition to his mini camera series, the SLR. And the best news is a building guide is in the works so we can all have this little baby on our shelves.

Update: Chris revealed a little secret included in the kit he'll be selling soon, the back opens to reveal the film! The special printed bricks by customBRICKS really completes it.

Mini Camera (SLR)
Inside the Mini Camera (SLR)