Everyone's First Instrument

Like Silly String, Squand, play drums and trampolines, some gifts for our children have a secret, prepackaged ingredient, regret. Remembering this toy from my childhood I didn't hesitate to get one for my first child, it was mere hours later I felt an overwhelming desire to call and apologize to my parents for what must have been weeks of torture when I was 4. But I'm sure many gifted musicians out there can trace their skill and passion all the way back to this brilliantly recreated gem by builder Pistash.


B-4... You Sank My Battleship!

This latest throwback from builder jtheels should be instantly recognizable to generations of boardgamers. It's of course Battleship, the Milton Bradley classic, or at least one of it's iconic little ships at about 10x scale. The whole game at this scale would occupy a couple ping pong tables, and be more fun to play (sounds like a convention stunt, somebody make that happen!)

Battleship Game


I deal with camera issues all the time as a photographer and videographer. But I've never had to deal with a camera that transforms into three separate characters. This is Reflector, from the Transformers cartoon, built by MortalSwordsman. It transforms into Spyglass, Viewfinder and Spectro seen below. My big question is how are they with hot pixels and flickering with sequential images?

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em

Here's a little dose of nostalgia, it's Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots by BrickNerd's own Roy of Floremheim. I can't calculate the endless hours we spent playing this as kids, it was a childhood favorite. Not only is this a fun miniature reproduction of the Marx classic game, it's even got play features. To see it in action check out this video.


Hot Wheels

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you (and no, we haven't started covering other toys), these are LEGO. Builder Brick Flag has recreated some classic Hot Wheels, and the results are perfect. Of course they're significantly larger than their tiny rolling counterparts, but I think that's part of the fun. What's more is I had these very cars when I was a kid, the paramedic truck was one of my favorites, and the fastest in my collection.

Hot WHeels Lego MOCs 1 of 11
Hot Wheels Lego MOCs 2 of 11