Rising Star

My little sisters used to do this kind of stuff when we were kids. Get all dolled up, break out a "microphone" (it's truly stunning how many things can be substituted for an actual microphone) and belt out a few tunes. It appears the daughter of builder(s) vir-a-cocha loves doing this, and they immortalized the moment with this adorable MOC.

The Girl Who Sings

You Knocked My Block Off!

Ah, childhood, when we weren't out beating each other senseless with our Sock'Em Boppers, we were inside beating each other's robots senseless with Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots. Builder jtheels is back with another solid dose of nostalgia, and has sparked a theory. As impossible as it sounds, I am absolutely convinced at this point we somehow shared a toy box from either side of the country.

LEGO Rock'em Sock'em Robots
LEGO Rock'em Sock'em Robots 4

Secret Of The Mummy's Tomb

The other childhood obsession of mine was GIjOE (and since I never grew up, well...) I have hundreds of Joes stored away, and a few on display here at my house. I also have a couple Peter Pan Book & Records, fun little records with a comic attached. One of them was inspired by the same toy that inspired this MOC by baronsat, Secret of the Mummy's Tomb. It had an awesome six wheeled transport with detachable crane and a cool mummy in a sarcophagus (and my personal favorite Joe, the Land Adventurer). This MOC brings back a flood of feels, thanks Eric!


The Device That Stole My Childhood

When I look back on 1977 it's with fondness and awe. In that one pivotal and influential year we got the Commodore PET, CHiPs, Jimmy Carter, Atari 2600, Three's Company, Saturday Night Fever and of course Star Wars. And then there's this device. Prior to Electronic Football we were quite content to just go outside and throw dirt clods at each other. But that all changed, our thumbs grew new and interesting calluses and we never saw the sun again. Hey Gameboy, 3DS, PSP and all other handheld gaming devices, meet your grandfather. Nice build jtheels.

LEGO Electronic Football Aged

Slot Cars

The finicky, snap-together track, the flags that never quite stood straight up, the cars that spun out if you hit to turn too fast and the smell, that wonderful almost burnt smell. This is a total blast from the past and a glimpse into my childhood, slot cars. We had many tracks over the years, some better than others, but all so much fun. Thank you msx_80 for the little flash back, I needed that.

Polistil electric slot racing set
Polistil electric slot racing set