Super Shiny Batpod

I have to admit once I got over the temporary paralysis upon first seeing this beauty by ianying616 I thought to myself “Batman would never ride a chrome Batpod”, but upon further thought I’m not so sure. The thing about chrome (and what makes it hard to illustrate, and render for that matter) is it’s not really its own color, but characterized by its environment. It reflects what’s around it, and in Batman’s case, wouldn’t that be the darkened streets of Gotham? Might not be so bad after all.

Why So Serious?

Seeing this excellent set of Batman busts by Build Better Bricks reminds me that it’s been far too long since I’ve seen The Dark Knight. It’s been argued that Heath Ledger portrayed the best Joker ever to explode on the big screen, and not just because he blew everything up. And while Christian Bale makes me giggle every time he does his scary Batman voice, he did a pretty good job with the role. I think it’s time to break out the blu-ray.

The Last Supper

If the bible is any indication one of the characters in this MOC by builder kloou is going to betray Batman. But with this assortment, how in the world could we figure out who that might be? It’s pretty much a who’s who of villains that would just love to betray the dark knight. At least we can be sure of one thing, Penguin is going to absolutely destroy that pie.

Hubba Hubba Hubba, Money Money Money, Who Do You Trust?

When Batman came out in 1989 it was a full week before I got to see it (crunch time on the Ghostbusters attraction at Universal) and by that time I heard all my friends tear it to shreds. I went in with low expectations...and loved it, still do. There are some eye roll moments, but this was the first super hero movie that wasn't just downright silly or bad, and it still holds up. This pivotal scene where Joker tries to poison the residents of Gotham with festive parade floats  (spoilers!) has been gloriously recreated in bricks by builder Cpt. Brick, and I totally love it.

Gotham City's 200th Anniversary Parade

Holy Fruit-of-the-Loom, Batman!

My old pal Thorsten Bonsch has kicked off a new series of Gothic Batman scenes with this rendition of Bruce and Dick's tony changing area in the Batcave.  Note the highly ornate cabinets for their costumes, and even a candelabra on the table.  All this surrounded by the rugged stalactites and stalagmites of the mysterious underground lair.  And there's Robin, in his tighty-whities...  What a scene!

The Batcave – 1. Costume Displays

The Batcave – 1. Costume Displays