Motorized BB-8

BB-8 is pretty much universally adored, and since the release of The Force Awakens we've seen thousands of iterations of this little guy. He's on everything from sports bottles to hats. Being nothing but round makes him naturally difficult to build in bricks, but our love for him means that builders keep doing it. Check out this version by Takamichi Irie, not only does it look great, the motorized functions really bring him to life.

Motored BB-8

Ascension of the Flood

M.C. Escher has always been one of my favorite artists. AFOLs have been recreating his work for a long time, but I don't think I've ever seen a motorized Escher MOC until now: Jarren Harkema has assembled a beautiful display inspired by Escher's Waterfall which must look remarkable in person. You can see it in motion in this video.

Crystal Fountain

Motorized Magic Cube

If you haven't seen one before, "magic cubes" (or Yoshimoto Cubes) are pretty mesmerizing things. You can endlessly fold them, which is strangely satisfying. But why go to all that trouble when you can do it by remote control? That's what builder slfroden seems to have wondered, so he built this fully motorized and remote controlled version of a magic cube, and what can I say, It's magical.

Lego Motorized Mega Magic Folding Cube

That's A Big Crane

Whenever one of these behemoths passes me on the road I'm in awe. Humans sure can built some crazy big stuff can't we? But I think seeing this colossal MOC by Dirk Klijn in person would be equally awe inspiring. This is the culmination of over three and a half years of work, and it shows. With five S-Bricks controlling over 17 functions it's a workhorse as well. I can't wait to see video of this baby in action. Click through for loads more pictures including a lot of WIP.

Liebherr LTM 1090 4.1 - Sarens
Liebherr LTM 1090 4.1 - Sarens
Liebherr LTM 1090 4.1 - Sarens

Piranha Plant

That mechanical mad genius JK Brickworks is back with another cool creation, and this one's from a video game classic, Mario Bros. Anyone that's played the game (and pretty much everyone else as well) is familiar with the Piranha Plant, those tube-dwelling, perpetually hungry pains in the butt. We've seen these before in LEGO, but this one's mechanical. Check out the video to see it in action and learn how it's done.

Working Piranha Plant

A Circle Within A Circle Within A Circle Within...

Every once in a while a MOC comes along that makes you go "wait...what?" This motorized gimbal by builder Sheo stopped me cold this morning, and I love that. It seems impossible at first (even for someone with a background in mechanical contraptions) but then you look more carefully and it makes sense. And in motion it's as beautiful as it is confounding.

Spinning Gimbals