Lunch Time!

If I were at a theme park, or just about anywhere else, and I saw this I would be helpless against it's temptation. I don't know what that says about me, but I don't care. These brilliant little food kiosks by Big_Sal_224 are from the game Theme Park, which I never played, but sure would love to visit. I think the world needs more food-shaped places to get food. 

Pokey Cola

Horse Drawn Trolly In The Happiest Place On Earth

It's one of the first things you see when you enter the Magic Kingdom, a dinging bell, the clomping of a draft horse and the bright shining faces of those aboard the trolly. These rides have been operating since 1955 and have carried countless passengers over the years. This version by builder TJJohn12 captures the look perfectly, and that's Danny pulling the car if I'm not mistaken. The augmented horse figure and bridle are absolutely brilliant.

Main Street Transit - Horse Drawn Trolley (July 1955)

Classic Space Grand Carousel

Now this is how to reimagine. Builder justin_m_winn took an incomplete 10196 Grand Carousel and turned it into this classic space masterpiece. The re-theming is brilliant, with different ride vehicles, classic space color scheme and even custom printed canopies. I like to imagine it's playing some cool retro futuristic music with plenty of "pew pew" sound effects.

10196 Grand Carousel - Classic Space Redux

Park 0937

I love theme parks. I have a lifetime pass to LEGOLAND, am a member of DVC and have a passport to Disneyland. If I could visit this wonderfully imaginative park by Alexis Dos Santos I would. It's got everything, a flume ride, a circling train, a ferris wheel, a fantasy castle and more. All with a whimsical style that is so inviting. There's only one photo at this time, so you'll have to click through and scroll around to truly appreciate this.

Park 0937

Space Battle Ride

You'd think someone who's as into Disneyland and theme parks in general as I am would also be a huge ride buff, but the truth is I'm decidedly barfy, very prone to motion sickness. So while I totally dig this space battle ride by builder tkel86 I wouldn't go anywhere near it in real life. Check out the video to see this baby in action.

Space battle ride 1