Roger Roger

The Star Wars franchise knows how to provide cannon fodder for the good guys. Tie fighters and Stromtroopers from the original trilogy and to a degree so far the sequel trilogy. The prequels gave us battle droids, who also attempted to provide a bit of humor. Hachiroku24 has built excellent renditions of the standard battle droid. Best of all video instructions are provided on YouTube! The droid uses mostly common pieces, and has a ton of articulation. My favorite part is the minifig scale battle droid arm as a neck.

Love, Death & Robots

I’m only a few episodes into Netflix’s new animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots, but the Three Robots short is definitely an early standout for me. Lu Sim made a MOC of one of the titular robots, who comes from a long line of baby monitors. He also created some fun alternate expressions for the lil’ guy. I wanna animate him!