The Dark Crystal

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal is a fantasy classic, and the new Netflix prequel series Age of Resistance is fantastic, too. With Dark Crystal hype in full swing, seeing Brent Waller’s MOC based on the original film was a delightful surprise. Really great brick-built versions of some complicated, iconic designs (the Fizzgig is especially ingenious). If you’d like a Skeksis of your own, give it a vote over at LEGO Ideas. Hmmmmm!

Roger Roger

The Star Wars franchise knows how to provide cannon fodder for the good guys. Tie fighters and Stromtroopers from the original trilogy and to a degree so far the sequel trilogy. The prequels gave us battle droids, who also attempted to provide a bit of humor. Hachiroku24 has built excellent renditions of the standard battle droid. Best of all video instructions are provided on YouTube! The droid uses mostly common pieces, and has a ton of articulation. My favorite part is the minifig scale battle droid arm as a neck.

Love, Death & Robots

I’m only a few episodes into Netflix’s new animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots, but the Three Robots short is definitely an early standout for me. Lu Sim made a MOC of one of the titular robots, who comes from a long line of baby monitors. He also created some fun alternate expressions for the lil’ guy. I wanna animate him!