"Antari Station In Quadrant 6, And Step On It"

I really dig this futuristic yet totally retro space taxi by builder ericteo_98, it looks like something right out of a movie. How awesome would it be to see this gliding through the sky against a sci-fi cityscape, dutifully delivering passengers to places we can only dream of. Of course this is the future, so the prices will be crazy too, but maybe the floor wouldn’t be nearly as sticky due to advanced material sciences (who am I kidding, we can’t have nice things).

Love, Death & Robots

I’m only a few episodes into Netflix’s new animated anthology series Love, Death & Robots, but the Three Robots short is definitely an early standout for me. Lu Sim made a MOC of one of the titular robots, who comes from a long line of baby monitors. He also created some fun alternate expressions for the lil’ guy. I wanna animate him!


Ah the Spinner, one of my favorite movie vehicles of all time. Blade Runner might have been a box office disappointment, but I chalk that up to studio meddling and very poor marketing. Since then the world has realized what a marvelous piece of filmmaking it is and it’s been influencing artists for decades. Like builder Davdup, who crafted this excellent Spinner, and will be offering instructions on how to build your own soon.

Battlestar Galactica

Following the premiere of Star Wars way back in the 70's there was a sudden and prolific flood of sci-fi, most of which was pretty bad. But there was one shining star (pun intended), Battlestar Galactica. It's the only one with any staying power, enough so to build a loyal fan base. Fast forward a few decades and that same fan base was capable of spurring a reboot, expanding the universe and bringing it to a new generation of fans. One long time fan is BrickNerd's own El Barto, who has constructed this beautiful beast. She's 140 studs long and weighs almost 30 pounds. Check out the contours and complex compound curves on this, it's a true labor of love.

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica