"I Seem To Be Having Tremendous Difficulty With My Lifestyle."

Douglas Adams was a trailblazer of the "quirky science fiction" subgenre, especially in his display of the precise randomness of the universe — when imagining all of space, anything is possible, or in fact, likely. Iain Heath captures a corner of that qunitessentially peculiar world with his tribute to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which features, among other things, Marvin the depressed robot, a strikingly short-lived sperm whale, and a fleet of musical dolphins.

Oh no, not again...

Squiggly Lines....From Space!

I think Arrival, this month's new sci-fi film, is easily one of the best films of the year so far, and what improves a film more than a LEGO interpretation? Simon Liu does a great job with that with a clever design of the unique "writing" in the film, which really captures the tone of the scene quite well.

Langugage is the first weapon drawn in a conflict

Far Out, MOC!

Sometimes, a good backstory along with a quality MOC from an established builder is just too hard to pass up.  Stephen Pakbaz -- who previously designed NASA's Curiosity rover for the LEGO Ideas line -- has come up with a great one here in Pieceout, "a civilian scientist researching alternative energy on the planet Cybertron."

Hippie Transformers out to make the world a better place? Love it! Transformer MOCs that actually transform?  Excellent!  Clever moniker playing on the themes of that era while simultaneously paying tribute to the very hobby we all love?  Just plain awesome.