Why O Why Did I Ever Leave My Hobbit-hole?

As some of you may know, theres a special place in my heart for micro builds and builder Paul Wolfe has really impressed with this tiny hobbit hole! Bilbo's little abode in Bag End has some fun details like the tree on top made with hair pieces and the chimney is quite clever too! 

Paul is thinking about making a vignette series of these and although it is quite the project to take on I would be most excited to see that adventure unfold! It would be quite the Unexpected Gathering of creations, don't you think? ;)

Micro Bag-End

Wonders of the Imagination

Builder Delayice has posted a couple of very colorful and bright creations that I can't get enough of! The first one is called Whale Island and is such an interesting idea, the second is called Maze Entrance and has some really fun techniques and details! Both creations give off such mystery, it leaves you wanting to know the story behind them. Check them out!

whale island
Maze of entrance

It's All About That Base

The current ABS Builder Challenge has started and we're witnessing some fantastic builds so far! The ABS Challenge is a 2-week competition where 4 builders use a "seed piece", a specific LEGO element, that they must incorporate in all the of the creations for this competition. One of my favorites so far is Marcel V. "obligatory" flower! I know, I know, a flower is made at least once in every one of these rounds; but its not the flower, with the blue seed piece, that caught my eye...it was the stand! 

Obligatory ABS-Flower