The Little Mech That Could

Somedays I feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of military mechs that flood the LEGO community, therefore I am always surprised and intrigued by mechs that break this trend, such as this one created by legomelego. The background hangar and lighting is what really caught my eye at first, but the more I look at it, the more I can't help but feel that this little robot is trying to portray emotions and break free from his human overlords. Look at their diabolical smiles... how evil.


Technique Tuesday - Handy Handcuff Hands

One of the best things about the LEGO community is that we can learn from one another.  Here at BrickNerd, we like to share techniques that we see from builders all around the world. . .

Josephine Monterosso has put together a tutorial for some neat robot hands. Some might call it an illegal technique, but I think bending back handcuffs as joints is quite a clever technique, and it makes it easy to fit four fingers organically into such a small space.

Oh look a hand
Hand breakdown

Wiffle Bot

(FLAVIO)'s orange mech, WIFFY-2k17, is a masterpiece of NPU. From the minifig torsos and vests used for legs, to the harpoon gun arms, to the tire feet, to a half-dozen or so other parts I don't even recognize, there's a lot of creativity going on here and it's both menacing and cute. Take a closer look and you're sure to notice some more neat details.