I know what you are all thinking, this isn’t from Pirates of the Caribbean?!? No, it’s not, and as the kids say these days you got click-baited. I’m kidding! Tortooga is actually the name Klikstyle gave to this wonderful little turtle from a fantasy world. Although part of me is thinking about how adorable it is, there’s always that other part of me that wonders what it tastes like. But I’m sure with sharp spines and a shell like that it’s safe from my flimsy hands, for now.

Coral Brick Road

Nothing to see here. Just three classic astronauts going on an adventure. All they have to do is follow this beautiful coral brick road by adde51 to get what their hearts desire. Maybe they are looking for heroic courage, an alien brain, or a magical heart? The possibilities are endless. All I know is that I can hear them cheerfully singing in the distance, something to do with finding a wizard.