I Have No Memory of this Place

Aside from the official Mines of Moria LEGO set, I don't think many people have built Balin's tomb chamber (or the Chamber of Mazarbul for all you book nerds out there). It's a really cool scene that hasn't seen much LEGO treatment. But this build by Dunedain98 remedies that. This is a spot-on recreation of the scene in the movie. Lots of attention to detail here, from the layout of the room to all the scattered books. And it's full minifig scale too, instead of that tiny version in the official set. Beautiful work all around: the texturing is fantastic.

Balin's Tomb

Lord of the Rings LEGO Pinball!

Okay, so we're throwing the "don't blog the same builder more than once a day" thing out the window.  Again.  Jonas has built this amazing and fully functional LOTR pinball machine for the Iron Builder contest on Flickr.  Naturally, it makes me think about how I'd build a Battlestar Galactica pinball, but that'll have to wait. Check out the video!

LotR Pinball

LotR Pinball - Video

Witch-king Of Angmar

So you're a king of men, just ruling and being all kingly and stuff. And this dude shows up with a really nice, shiny ring for you. Of course you take it right? Well, if it turns out it's a ring of power, and the dude that gave it to you was the dark lord of Mordor (and he has his own ring that sorta controls yours), and now you're destined to be a ringwraith. but hey, at least you're the leader right? And then a brick artist named nameless_member builds a nifty MOC of your helm, so you have that going for you.


Skippy And Burt On The Wall

The battle raged on as Skippy and Burt made their way to the top of the wall, bows in hand. Their only task, defend the drain under the wall. Before them was an imposing sight, thousands of bloodthirsty orcs, hellbent on their destruction. As they settled into position, Skippy spotted a particular orc in the throng.


Hey, what's that really big orc doing?

He's running toward us with a huge sparkler! Bit late to be celebrating New Year! What a buffoon!

Where is he going? Doesn't he know we're all done with that holiday? I'm already writing the wrong date on my checks.

Yup, day late and a dollar short eh mate? Looks like he's heading into the drain down there.



Battle of Helms Deep

Wraiths On Treads

Here's a thing of nightmares, or maybe a nerdgasmic mashup, up to you. Builder Chris Darmawan dared to imagine what the Nazgul would do with a little military upgrade, and I have to say it would be terrifying to see this roaring at you across the rocky plains of Mordor. It's like Batman and the Witch King got together and spent a little time in the garage. 

When Nazgul have a tank

Oh and if it wasn't cool enough standing still, it's motorized!