In A Hole In The Ground There Lived A Hobbit...

With all the absolute insanity in the world I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to live in the Shire more than I do at this very moment. I know it’s a fictional place, but it’s so peaceful and perfect my heart aches for it. Builders Jake Hansen and Cole Blood have crafted an idyllic place I want to be, even if it’s just to park my Airstream for a couple weeks.

In the Barrels

Say what you will about the overall quality of the Peter Jackson Hobbit films, it's hard to deny that the Barrels out of Bond scene from The Desolation of Smaug was pretty cool. This awesome version by Graham Gidman beautifully captures the action. The part of this build that sticks out the most to me is the water: it's fantastically dynamic and extremely convincing. Also, the overall landscaping is very solid, with a few lovely trees, great color-coordination, and some of the best rockwork I've seen in a while. Oh, and those brick-built barrels are awesome.

Barrels Out of Bond


Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, better means better. Excellent building is impressive on any scale, but when you combine excellent building on this type of scale you have something special. Just look at the scale and majesty of this MOC by migalert! Standing before this must give you an inkling of what it must have been like for Thorin and his party to return to the Lonely Mountain.