Bigger doesn't necessarily mean better, better means better. Excellent building is impressive on any scale, but when you combine excellent building on this type of scale you have something special. Just look at the scale and majesty of this MOC by migalert! Standing before this must give you an inkling of what it must have been like for Thorin and his party to return to the Lonely Mountain.


The Company Of Thorin Oakenshield

When Builder Pate Keetongu posted his first pictures of dwarves just before the premiere of The Hobbit in 2012 we all knew he was committed. I mean, once you have a couple, you might as well make them all right? Well, it's been nearly two years in the making (with plenty of other MOCs in-between) but now the company of the King Under the Mountain can finally make their way back to claim what is theirs. Thirteen dwarves, all individually styled and carefully realized, plus Bilbo and Gandalf, this is nothing less than epic. Check out his blog for a little background on the build and many more pictures.

Company of Thorin Oakenshield - Finished!

The Throne Of Thranduil

Let's face it, elves can be jerks. And one of the biggest, jerkiest elves is Thranduil (not that I'm 100% on the dwarves side, they can be jerks too). But what he lacks in tact, compassion and like-ability he makes up for in panache and style (except maybe that stupid crown). Flick user lisqr certainly has panache and style as well, and this MOC shows it.

Thranduil's Throne