Win A LEGO Star Wars BB-8 Watch!


Everybody loves BB-8, that adorable ball of droid goodness from Star Wars. Everyone needs to know what time it is every now and then. So why not combine them? That right, we're talking about a LEGO Star Wars BB-8 watch, and you can win one super easy. Just click below to enter, there's several ways to do it and you can increase your odds by doing them all.


Motorized BB-8

BB-8 is pretty much universally adored, and since the release of The Force Awakens we've seen thousands of iterations of this little guy. He's on everything from sports bottles to hats. Being nothing but round makes him naturally difficult to build in bricks, but our love for him means that builders keep doing it. Check out this version by Takamichi Irie, not only does it look great, the motorized functions really bring him to life.

Motored BB-8

BB-8 Gets Upgrades (Or Costumes)

Who knew that BB units could be customized to such great lengths?  I wonder which option Rey will go with first. . .  Builder Pangeran Panda has designed a grand total of 12 different modifications for one of our new favorite droids.  It also appears we have been given the crossovers between Star Wars, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Pokemon, and Hello Kitty that some fans may or may not have wanted.  Which model is your favorite?


Nathaniel Stoner

     My name is Nathaniel Stoner, and I am an very active LEGO builder.  I mostly build in the themes of castle and science-fiction, but I also dabble in other genres and create occasional random MOC's (My Own Creations). 

     When I was younger, I would get and build small LEGO sets for my birthday, but I was never really into them.  When they fell apart, I would become frustrated attempting to put them back together and would throw them in a box in my closet.  I couldn't stand them!

     Then, miraculously, I became addicted to the LEGO brick later in my teen years.  Ever since, I have continued to build up (pun intended) my collection of bricks and to expand my knowledge of techniques and building skills.  LEGO is truly more than a toy, its an art form and a way to express yourself.

     For the most part, I collect LEGO Star Wars (mainly the minifigs), which is probably my favorite LEGO theme.  I have a fairly decent collection, including some of the original 1999 sets, such as the Snowspeeder, X-Wing, and Naboo starfighter.  I also collected LEGO the Lord of the Rings when those sets first came out.  The minifigs are great, and the story remains one of my favorites ever. 

     My hope is to inspire other young (and perhaps even older) LEGO builders to unleash their inner creativity!  You can find me on my Flikr here


Everyone loves BB-8. Ever since The Force Awakens released it's first teaser trailer the world has been captivated by this little rolling wonder. There's been many LEGO renditions of this little dude, and now famed brick artist Powerpig has added him to his line of Brick Sketches. You can practically hear his charming little voice can't you?