The anticipation for The Last Jedi is growing, and with Force Friday things just intensified. A lot of hype is surrounding this little guy, a BB unit clearly aligned with the First Order, with some classic Imperial styling. And what better way to celebrate his arrival than a Brick Sketch, done to perfection by the inventor of the art form himself, Chris McVeigh.

Bad Robot


Builder Powerpig has built a lot of Brick Sketches, fifty to be exact, and to mark the occasion he decided to build something special, his first full body Brick Sketch. Star Wars Rebels fans will recognize Chopper here, the cantankerous astromech from the series. In addition to being the first full body he ended up being the most technically challenging, and even has an action feature.

Chopper (C1-10P)


Ahh, poor R5-D4, just when he thought he'd escaped the jawas, *pop*, bad motivator. Well, his misfortune enabled R2-D2 to connect with Luke and the rest is history...or is it? Have you read the fan theory that theorizes that R5-D4 was actually in league with the sith, and self destructed in an attempt to assassinate Luke Skywalker? Of course not, I just made that crap up. Nice Brick Sketch powerpig!

Bad Motivator


Everyone loves BB-8. Ever since The Force Awakens released it's first teaser trailer the world has been captivated by this little rolling wonder. There's been many LEGO renditions of this little dude, and now famed brick artist Powerpig has added him to his line of Brick Sketches. You can practically hear his charming little voice can't you?



I wasn't too sure about Kylo Ren, even after my first viewing of The Force Awakens. But I have warmed up to him since (well, as much as you warm up to a murdering, foul tempered wannabe sith). But how can you resist him as a Brick Sketch by Powerpig? I wouldn't say I'm ready to declare my allegiance, but I have to admit I'm thinking of putting on TFA while I work.

Kylo Ren