Old Faithful Soyuz

In a time where rockets are being developed at an astonishing pace and the private space industry is booming, it is important to remember the faithful methods of transportation that have served us time and time again in the past. The Soyuz rocket program is one of these and Jussi Koskinen has created a beautiful replica that even includes a mini Soyuz capsule. This behemoth of a rocket is worthy of being displayed next to my Saturn V rocket as a reminder of the ingenuity of humanity.

Micro Tintin Rocket

I love a MOC that makes me go "wait, what?" That was precisely my reaction as I scrolled Flickr this morning and came across this little wonder by builder [E]ddy. Yes, that's Tintin's rocket, and yes, it's only 6 parts, and yes those are stickers (but the builder assures us they are official LEGO stickers). It's all so meticulously done and wonderfully simple.

Micro Lego Tintin "Explorers on the moon"

The Simple Pleasures Of Childhood

I remember them well, out in front of the K-Mart, the rides. They were actually in front of several places here in my home town growing up. You know, those little rides that don't do much, don't cost much and don't seem to be very fun, but we all begged our moms for a quarter so we could ride. Builder LEGOMINDED takes advantage of the new rocket costume collectible minifigure to bring back a bit of nostalgia, and the results are as charming as they are clever.

"1940 Space Dream'in"

Epic Thunderbird 3

Entertainment on TV was a little scarce when I was a kid, we only had like 5 channels. And in a landscape flooded with reruns of I Love Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore and Adam 12, stuff for kids was hard to find. Except on Saturday morning, when we ruled the airwaves. Thunderbirds wasn't on very often, so when we happened across it we were glued to the screen. Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation kept us completely captivated as we obliterated an entire box of Cap'n Crunch. Yes, the puppets were a little unsettling, the ships were a bit garish, the plots were thin and the visual effects were a bit cheesy...and we loved every second of it. Builder Bricks for Brains was clearly a fan too, and this totally awesome MOC of Thunderbird 3 is a work of art.

View from below
Sofa transport