Tintin Moon Tank

Although Tintin is typically known for his terrestrial adventures he has taken a trip to the moon from time to time. The most significant adventures appear in 1953 and 1954 when fascination in space was at an all time high throughout the world. And what is cooler than trolling around on the moon? Trolling around the moon in a tank of course! This reproduction of Tintin's famous tank from builder Tyler is very true to the original from the comics. Tyler uses many excellent building techniques and details in the reproduction including Titin's dog Snowy in one of the tanks front pods.

Tintin Moon Tank
Tintin Moon Tank Interior

Tintin Land Of Black Gold

Like most Americans, Tintin was virtually unknown to me until the Spielberg/Jackson film came out in 2011. I had seen images from time to time, but the books were scarce here and he had no following. But we're truly in the minority, and TinTin has a loyal following in the rest of the world (sorta like the soccer of comic characters). Builder Brickbaron is a fan though, and decided to celebrate his devotion with a interpretation of the cover for Land of Black Gold. The results speak for themselves.

Lego Tintin Land of Black Gold