Our Next Droid Obsession

When The Force Awakens came out pretty much everyone went BB-8 crazy. I mean that little bugger was EVERYWHERE. Well I’d like to introduce you to the next big thing, D-O. We don’t know much about this little guy, with the exception of how damn cute he is, but you can bet he’ll be on Slurpee cups and bags of carrots soon enough. This version by Takamichiii showed up in record time after his reveal during Star Wars Celebration.


One Droid To Free Them All

Many of us Star Wars nerds can agree that Solo was not the greatest movie of the franchise, however, polywen reminds us that it did bring some awesome new material to the table such as L3-37. With the sarcasm of an R2 unit, the excitement of a mouse droid, the body of K-2SO, and the charisma of a gonk droid, what's not to like? Ok, maybe that last part about the gonk droid is not totally accurate. Nonetheless I still believe that this character has a lot of potential for the future of Star Wars movies and who knows? Maybe now that she's part of the Millennium Falcon we might see a Star Wars spinoff movie where she goes on a rampage to free all the droids.



Things might have gone differently in so many situations if R2-D2 had his own mech like this one from M<0><0>DSWIM. Tuskin Raiders? No Problem. Fell in a swamp? No problem. Stormtroopers? No Problem. Battle of Yavin? Ok, fitting him in the back of an X-Wing might have been a small problem, but I'm guessing this baby has flight capabilities, so no problem!

A New Year, A New Hope

Fun fact, it wasn't until late high school that I first saw Star Wars and then it was on a very loud charter bus on one of those old-school tiny overhead CRT screens. Despite the terrible viewing environment I was drawn into the Star Wars universe and have been a fan since. One of the first scenes that drew me in and got me hooked was the one where Leia despite all the chaos around her is uploading the secret Death Star Plans to R2-D2. To this day I cannot explain why I love this scene so much, but I would like to thank builder Miro Dudas for taking me back down memory lane.

A New Hope

Did You Know That Wasn't Me?

K-2SO, the reprogrammed Imperial Droid from Rogue One was my personal favorite character from the film. His snarky comments and attitude, in direct contrast to his loyalty and chivalry, made him compelling and lovable. While I was a bit nonplussed by the official LEGO set, this version by nobu_tary which utilizes just the key components of that set is stellar.


"It Was Like That When You Found It!, Really?"

In space, where no one can hear you scream at stuff when it breaks down, here comes a handy repair man and his faithful service droid. These guys from O0ger look ready to take maintenance to another level. Clever use of parts on the Droids little crane arm and its superb wheels really caught my attention. The uniform colour scheme also really pops, I want to see the trusty space pick up they arrive in!