Range Trooper

While Solo had it’s fair share of problems, box office numbers notwithstanding, I thought it was a fun movie. Yes, there were some cringe moments, and I think a better story could have been told, but there were also some absolutely awesome stuff. One of which were the totally badass Range Troopers. They reminded me of elite snowtroopers, and I think that was the idea. And while the LEGO Range Trooper constraction figures were OK, builder nobu_tary shows us how it’s done with this rework of the figure.

One Droid To Free Them All

Many of us Star Wars nerds can agree that Solo was not the greatest movie of the franchise, however, polywen reminds us that it did bring some awesome new material to the table such as L3-37. With the sarcasm of an R2 unit, the excitement of a mouse droid, the body of K-2SO, and the charisma of a gonk droid, what's not to like? Ok, maybe that last part about the gonk droid is not totally accurate. Nonetheless I still believe that this character has a lot of potential for the future of Star Wars movies and who knows? Maybe now that she's part of the Millennium Falcon we might see a Star Wars spinoff movie where she goes on a rampage to free all the droids.


Major Solo Spoiler Revealed

We have a pretty strict no leak policy here at BrickNerd, as well as spoilers. But you know what a Star Wars fan I am, and I've tried to remain cautiously optimistic about the upcoming Solo movie, but what the heck is this? Lucasfilm (and LEGO) are totally jumping the shark on this one, how can young Luke possibly be in this movie?


UPDATE: Yes of course this is an April fools joke! That is of course unless young Luke actually ends up in the movie, then the joke is on all of us.