Things might have gone differently in so many situations if R2-D2 had his own mech like this one from M<0><0>DSWIM. Tuskin Raiders? No Problem. Fell in a swamp? No problem. Stormtroopers? No Problem. Battle of Yavin? Ok, fitting him in the back of an X-Wing might have been a small problem, but I'm guessing this baby has flight capabilities, so no problem!

Bustin' Ghosts, Mecha Style

I can't help but think the movie Ghostbusters would have been entirely different if the boys in gray were equipped with these babies. Builder chubbybots imagines Ghostbusting via mech, and the results are captivating. This is Ecto 4, 5 and 6, each equipped we assume with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator. Staypuft wouldn't have stood a chance against these.