War Rig

Generally we don't feature digital builds here on BrickNerd, but when they're as phenomenal as this one by Nicola Stocchi we'll make an exception. Behold the War Rig, driven by Furiosa in Fury Road and expertly recreated at minifig scale. This beast looks ready to conquer the wasteland, and thanks to exceptional lighting and rendering by Gabriele Zannotti, it's as beautiful as it is badass.


LEGO® War Rig
LEGO® War Rig

We're Gonna See Two Airborn V8s

Around this time last year Japan was experiencing Mad Max: Fury Road for the first time.  It was released about a month later than everywhere else in the world (as most movies are) but once we got it, we went mad over it.  And to tell you the truth, I'm still not over it.  Fury Road was a perfect movie.  That's what this MOC by Kirill Mazurov has in common with the movie.  It's PERFECT!  We've seen a ton of brick-built cars from and inspired by the movie, but Technic Mad Max cars are still few and far between.

One of the advantages to this Technic model is its inherit robustness.  It looks ready to kick ass and take a beating like a champ. From the dual V8s, the tanker, and to the fuel pod, every detail seems to be recreated with an amazing balance of functionality and fashion.  Be sure to check out all the other cool shots in his album.

Lego Technic Mad Max War Rig