Last Paradise

Builder Rat Dude has definite ideas about life after the apocalypse, and I have to admit they’re pretty cool. This is The Last Paradise, comprised of modified and specific use cargo containers lumbering along on giant treads. There’s an equipment container, a cool container, a machine container, a storage container, a bum container (whatever that is), and three container devoted to living space. And hey, it’s equipped with solar, so it’s good for whatever is left of the environment.

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What Once Was

As a kid of the eighties, we were all fairly convinced this was our inevitable future. Between The Day After, Road Warrior, Terminator and, well, the nightly news, we were sure the bombs were going to drop any day. Thankfully calmer heads prevailed (for now) and we're not forced to roam the wastelands in search of gasoline and fighting off mutants (at least those of us not in Fresno). But it's fun to imagine, and MOCs like this one from Gabe Umland paint a bleak picture.

What Once Was
Closer look
Detail Shot