BrickNerd LiveBuild - Star Wars Timekeeping And Holiday Polybags


It's December, and that means we're counting down to two things Star Wars The Last Jedi and Christmas (not necessarily in that order). And what better way to count down that with a LEGO clock or watch? Join me as I check out a new Stormtrooper alarm clock and BB-8 watch as build a couple holiday polybags. Anything that passes the time before Santa visits is a good thing right?

So, Were You Late For Work Yesterday?

Time, it's relentless march governing all we do. Here in the states we like to mess with the logical and natural passage of time with something called Daylight Saving Time, DST. A pointless and exasperating exercise in futility that does little more than sell extra charcoal in the fall. Every fall we set the clocks back an hour, in the spring, they go forward again. Resulting in traffic turmoil, missed work and an entire nation of really grumpy teenagers. But I digress, check out this nifty watch by Vitreolum built for the ABS Builder Challenge going on over on Flickr.