Back In Black

You know him, you love him. He’s darkest of knights, the moodiest of brutes, the richest of bit… alright, maybe I shouldn’t finish that sentence. Anyways it’s the one and only Batman! With just some black and a bit of very very dark grey, timofey_tkachev was able to bust out a great rendition of this iconic super hero to celebrate his 80th anniversary! Now all that’s left to do is to pull out some old comic books or perhaps some episodes of the 1960’s Batman tv series to reminisce on just how far the Dark Knight has come.

MOCStalgia - Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of "Hook"!

Here at BrickNerd we like to reminisce about the past. This month Hook celebrates its 25th Anniversary and easily can be described as one of the best movies to ever bless our eyes. If you don't know what I'm talking about then you either live under a pile of LEGO or have never owned a VHS. In recognition of this occasion we have dug into the Nerdly Vault and dusted off some good ones for you to feast your gaze upon:

Starting off with this micro by Rod Gillies of Neverland. Years later and still some very fun details like the itty bitty ship and waterfall. This creation is a great example of when a builder starts an idea and then puts it down several times before completing it. Rod describes this build as having started with the ship but it wasn't until months later that it all came together. 


Next up is a vignette by Angela Chung! Angela created full scenes for all characters from the Disney Collector Minifigure Series, which you can see here and here. Her Peter Pan and Hook scene has such fun details like the monkey in the crow's nest and Tick-Tock the Crocodile just below. 

Peter Pan and Captain Hook

Keith Reed built an amazing Never Never Land Amusement Park full of Peter Pan goodness. So many details packed tight but my favorite of course has to be the ship! (Whats with me and ships today?) I'm not much of a rollercoaster enthusiast, unless you count my days of Roller Coaster Tycoon, so this park does it just right for me. 

Never Never Land

And now the man of the hour, the Captain himself. Builder Markus Rollbühler creates Hook in such a compromising position, which is such a fantastic representation of the character himself. Favorite details are the piece choices Markus makes for the collar, his belt buckle, moustache and of course those lace frills on the wrists. 

Captain Hook

In my search for the ultimate Hook related creations I came across another fun build, although not specifically Peter Pan related its still lays within our theme. This one we really had to dig for, behind the cobwebs of the interwebs (haha, get it?) builder Barney Main created this Neverland Island with so many awesome details that I personally wouldn't mind being stranded on it. Barney uses white horns and yellow hands to create some of the detail around the water and sand. Cute little creatures like the crabs and seagull and (oh my goodness) the little ship! #shipcrazy

Castaway t' Neverland

Well if this didn't make you want to watch Hook right now then we can't be friends. I'll just go watch it alone with my LEGO and remind myself THAT I NEVER WANT TO GROW UP! 

Happy Birthday Nerdly!

Three years ago today BrickNerd officially launched, and what an adventure it's been. I could not have imagined where this little bespectacled brick would take me, the friends that I'd make, the doors he would open. I set out to start a small blog and YouTube channel in my garage, with an open-ended concept for company growth and a lot of ideas. Now three years later I have an amazing studio, an animation division and I've been invited to speak at an event. The outpouring of love and enthusiasm has been beyond my wildest expectations, and it makes doing this job seven days a week more than worth it. I'd like to say a huge thanks to all my readers, viewers, contributors, commenters (well, some of them), guests, clients, sorters, builders and all the others that have helped me bring all my stupid ideas to life the last three years. I'd also like to thank my family for supporting me through this wacky endeavor, you're the best.