Iron Man

I wouldn’t classify myself as a diehard Marvel fan, there’s been quite a few of the movies I’ve skipped. It’s not that I had anything against them, I just wasn’t interested. I may be suffering a from a bit of super hero fatigue, but I’m also perfectly fine with it. Some of the characters just don’t grab me, but one that does, and one of the movies that absolutely nailed it, was the first Iron Man. While I wasn’t a big comic reader as a kid, I was a Spiderman and Iron Man fan, and I’ll admit I was really skeptical when they announced it. But I loved it, still do, so this excellent sculpture of Iron Man by Aaron Brick Designer instantly had my attention.

Wonder Woman

I will admit that when I heard there was going to be a modern Wonder Woman movie I was skeptical, especially considering the track record of DC movies (I’m looking at your Batman Vs Superman) but I was very pleasantly surprised by Gal Gadot’s portrayal and Patty Jenkin’s direction (can we PLEASE get some more female directors Hollywood?) There’s still a soft spot in my heart for Linda Carter, but this new Wonder Woman kicks some serious butt. And this sculpture of her by builder manufacturajarema kicks an equal amount of said butt.

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Wolverine Vs Sentinels

You ever feel like the odds are stacked against you? You know, like when you’re late for a meeting and every light is red? Or when you’re going to pick up a rotisserie chicken at 6PM? Or you buy a MegaMillions ticket when it passes $1 BILLION? Or when you’re a metallically enhanced superhuman with regenerative properties facing down three giant robots bent on your destruction, like the one here depicted by I Scream Clone? Yeah, like that.

Wolverine vs The Sentinels
Sentinel vs Wolverine


Batman didn't get to be the most popular super hero by having super strength, or super speed, or  alien technology, or any super power. And he certainly didn't get there for the ability to talk to fish. He got there by being super scrappy, super well trained and let's face it, super rich. But no one will dispute the absolute badassery of bats, and this bust by Carson Hart captures said badassery perfectly.

What a Shocker!

This is David Lee's moc of the lead character from the 1970's Manga series 'Kamen Rider'.     For those unfamiliar, the storyline revolved around an organisation called 'Shocker' who - in their bid for world domination - captured citizens, brainwashed them and turned them into mutant cyborgs. Takeshi Hongo escaped their grasp, became a grass-hopper themed superhero and battled against Shocker's army. Kamen Rider 1 appears confident and ready for battle in this build, although he does look a little bug-eyed!

Lego - Kamen Rider v3

Diana Of Themyscira

There's a lot of inspired building in this version of Wonder Woman by ToaLeewan. It seems super simple at first, but that's only because it's so clean. I'm sure we're going to be seeing a lot more of this lovely lady now that she's got her own movie in the works. And if we can just keep Zack Snyder from sinking his mediocre claws into it, it might be good.

Diana of Themyscira