The Tooth Monster

You know, there are only two things that scare me in this world. Monsters and dentists. Ok maybe spiders too but that’s besides the point. Fortunately for you and I, is here to remind us that the two can exist in harmony with this terrifying yet awesome creature. That smile. Those teeth. Now that’s a face only a mother, or a dentist, could love.

He's Alive...Alive!

...And pretty stinkin' adorable. It's Frankenstein's monster, by builder DOGOD Brick Design. Yes, I said Frankenstein's monster, it's not Frankenstein, that's the doctor that built him. Fun fact: he actually doesn't have a name. He refers to himself (yeah, he actually spoke) as "thy Adam", in a nod to the bible (first man, get it?) but this has never really been explored in the films. Then again he's also never referred to as "Monster" in the book, so we're all wrong.


Good Morning Coffee Monster

I drink tea mostly, but on occasion I enjoy a grande mocha Frappicino in a venti cup with a banana blended in and no whip (yeah, it's awesome). Regardless I understand the need for that morning caffeine bump, but I had no idea my loyalties belonged to this character, the good morning coffee monster by lummerlander. Yes, it's a seriously crazy character, but if you really want to see crazy, deny people their coffee.

The Good Morning Coffee Monster

The Beholder

This made my heart go pitter patter. Not just because I'm a fan of all things geek, but because it's from a dear friend who hasn't been building much lately (but has certainly been making lots of cool stuff!), and It always makes me happy to see the work of friends. Behold the Beholder, from Guy Himber. Making great use of those Mixel eyes and being all monstery, I dig it.

The Beholder by Guy H