As halloween approaches it’s time for things to get a little spooky. Builder chubbybots thinks so too and created this wonderful werewolf. And as I’m typing this my dogs are begging for biscuits behind me, which got me wondering, what do you suppose a werecorgi would look like? I mean, why does it have to be a wolf? I can assure you corgis can be pretty fierce too, just way more adorable when they’re doing it.


More Spooky Fun

Halloween is a mere four days away, and builder Legohaulic is getting seriously into it. Every day for nearly a week now we've these spectacular and charming little spooky portraits. Most of the traditional mainstays have been covered, what could be left? I'm waiting for a creature from the black lagoon, or maybe a hockey mask, or perhaps a mummy...

The Frankenstein Monster