Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest

I believe that the secret in Farnor Forest is not actually the cottage, but the forest itself. Upon first glance the trees of the forest look to be standard fare, but look again and you will notice some very cool new designs. Realistic looking tree trunks have always been difficult to pull off and over the years many new techniques have been added to the collective design base. Builder Ben Tritschler has a shared a few new concepts with us including some some Ben 10 parts for the trunks of the larger trees and the mini shooters for the smaller ones.

Nine Kingdoms - Secret Cottage in Farnor Forest CCC Entry

Review - Classic Knights Minifigure

Review - Classic Knights Minifigure

For the past few years the LEGO Group has released LEGO VIP exclusive sets available at LEGO stores or at their online shop for free to customers who spend a certain predefined amount. The past two sets have included modern takes on the classic Space and Pirate themes including the Classic Spaceman Minifigure and Classic Pirate Minifigure sets respectively. This year's set fits into the classic Castle theme and is aptly named Classic Knights Minifigure.

The Castle theme has been an evergreen series for LEGO ever since the original castle set was released back in 1978...

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Is it weird that the first thing I thought when I looked at this MOC by LL was "movie set"? I guess I've just been in that mode lately (then again, I've been in movie mode since I was twelve) with lots of animation going on. Since it's just a section of castle wall it sort of looks like a classic facade. And really, look at it, can't you just see a little drama or comedy playing out in this wonderful little scene?


Smoke, Wings And Escape

Mark of Falworth brings us this excellent MOC with a twist. If you look closely you'll see the entire thing rests on a footprint of 8x8 studs, which is one of the categories of the Classic Castle Global Challenge VI. It's also part of a bigger story which I actually don't know anything about, but from what I gather after reading the description it's an epic tale.

(LCC) From Doom to Victory!