Leopard 2SG

I have to admit to being fooled by the thumbnail for this. Having grown up building plastic models, I was instantly duped into believing this was a classic Tamiya model kit. But this is Eric Ong's excellent presentation of his Leopard 2SG tank MOC. This is first class presentation, a great deal of care went into this and the results are stunning.

Leopard 2 SG MBT Singapore Army "Rapid Dominance"

Super Volks

They were ridiculous, they were brash, they were driverless, they were the Zingers, model kits from MPC. Back in the 70's it seemed you couldn't get outrageous enough (just ask Chuck Barris or ABBA) and hotrods were no exception. Builder Mad physicist clearly understands this mentality and has recreated my personal favorite from this line, the Super Volks. Who cares if it doesn't actually have seats? Just imagine how loud and fast it is! 

VW Bug Zinger
VW Bug Zinger