Scarecrow & Batman

On Halloween we all face our fears, even Batman. Of all the evil villains of Gotham, Scarecrow has to be one of the scariest. Let's face it, Penguin isn't scary, and Poison Ivy is just, well, you know. But Scarecrow...*shudder*. This version by vitreolum strikes all the right notes. And just check out his awesome Batman, it's a one-two character punch!

Welcome to my world, Batman!

Update: Through the magic of photoshop here's Batman in black, I dig it!

Batman - Black Edition

Update On The Fugitive Dorothy Gale


The fugitive Dorothy Gale and her four accomplices continue their relentless march down the yellow brick road. Wanted in connection with the death of Gingema Wickedelle, Miss Gale fled Munchkinland toward the Emerald City. Seen here in this file photo is Tinman Rustjaw, S. Carecrow, C. Howard Lion as well as her trained attack dog Toto. This group should be considered extremely dangerous, notify authorities immediately if you have any information.

-Elphaba Wickedelle - Administrator, OZ West district

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