A Study In Stags

LEGO as an art medium has no limits, none. It can be blocky and colorful, contoured and realistic or clean and stark. These stags by Grantmasters could hang in any pub, huntsman club or study and I'm guessing most people wouldn't even notice they're brick-built, at least not at first. They're elegant and regal, like the beasts they convey.

Stag Inverted

Dave Grohl: Fighter Of Foos

I wish I listened to more Foo Fighters, I could probably make some more witty references (or at least bad puns) about this stunning silhousaic by Grantmasters. It's not that I have anything against them, I'm sure there's some songs I know, I just couldn't name them off the top of my head. I invite you to look at this from a distance, and then get in close, it can be totally appreciated from either and I love that.

Modern Day Rock Legend

Beauty On A Beauty

There's been a long time and somewhat baffling fascination with combining the photography of cars with women. I sort of understand it at a "primal man level" (lowers brow, grunts, shiny car, pretty girl). But in the end the practice does neither subject justice if for no other reason than size discrepancy. Back far enough to see the car, can't see the girl, and vice versa. None of this applies to brick-built silhousaics though, like this latest masterpiece by Bricks Noir.

Sweet Ride