Handheld Terrorizes City

Dateline: January 20th 2017
Citizens are warned to be on the lookout for a small, sentient handheld game device. The handheld, calling itself GameBad has been hurling game cartridges and causing general disturbances since earlier today. "I don't know what happened, I was just standing there having a slice of pizza when that little bugger came up and clocked me with a Tetris!" exclaimed a man who declined an interview after the event. It should be noted that the device runs on classic alkaline batteries so the event is expected to last no longer than 10 hours.

Nintendo GAME BAD

Death By MMO

I share builder vitreolum's befuddlement at this phenomenon. Yes, people actually die while playing MMO games. They get way too into it and play for days without eating, drinking or sleeping and *whump*. I can understand "getting in the zone", I'm guilty of going deep during a creative endeavor and getting to the end of the day before realizing I hadn't eaten all day, but how one goes multiple days, and playing a game no less, is beyond me. I don't know what game this poor chap was playing, but it must have been immersive...perhaps too immersive.

Death by MMO

And I Know When That Hotline Bling....

This LEGO vignette by Nannan Zhang perfectly depicts some of the gameplay in Hotline Miami. The main minifig is 'Jacket' who wears a variety of masks as he takes on the local Russian Mafia, following instructions left on his answer machine. This scene sees Jacket bursting through the door and shooting one mob member whilst wealding a bat ready to take on the next. I really love the use of the red crystal in the back of the minifig that's been shot - it really creates a sense of impact! Also the dark red tiles under the dead minifig by the door as the blood spills over the floor.

Hotline Miami

The Surrealistic Adventure That Will Become Your World

I feel very fortunate to grow up when I did. I witnessed the 80's first hand (they were rad), saw the transition from air to cable, then from analog to digital, and experienced the personal computer revolution. I was also there for one of the most intriguing phenomenons of early PC gaming, Myst. Myst was like no game before it, and had graphics and animation that absolutely rocked the gaming world. It was immersive, it was rich, it was addicting and it was fun. This outstanding MOC by Vitreolum makes me want to revisit that world, which I can now do with a device that fits in my pocket (mind blowing)... I witnessed that revolution too.



Here we see the modern gamer (homoerectus computariumludis) in his natural habitat thanks to the efforts of builder and exhibit curator Graham Gidman. The setting is tranquil at the moment, but be wary of any sudden outbursts, they indicate that something has not gone well in the current activity, and his temper may flair at any moment. Also in the event of loss of power or broadband please evacuate the area immediately to avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Notice how the gamer has gathered objects of affection and role play around him, as well as decorating his environment in a pleasing manner, evoking memories of pop culture experiences. As you can see it's feeding time, so we caution you to keep your hands and feet well clear of his mouth.

Gamer's Room