The One That Started It All

I vividly remember when the Gameboy came out. I was working on The Boneyard in North Carolina and saw a segment on TV promoting it. The next day I went to Wal-Mart (the first I’d ever been to) and bought two, one for me and one for my girlfriend. I then proceeded to play it non-stop for years. It was truly a game changer (pun intended) and I’m proud to say I still have them 30 years later, not that they’re totally functional. I still have my girlfriend too, only now I call her my wife. Thanks for the warm fuzzy nostalgia Cha Mi.

Gamer Levels Up In The Face Of Adversity

Dateline Anytown USA

Despite overwhelming odds, gamer Zach Bishop has managed to complete several levels of his game and advanced to level 68. While the importance of hygiene and sustenance are acknowledged, priorities must be set. Or in the words of Zach “yeah, whatever”. Yes, the threat of unloading the dishwasher proved to be a momentary distraction, but with concentration and perseverance, that too was overlooked. And while room cleaning and laundry loom large another threat could prove to be his downfall, sleep. We understand efforts are underway to thwart this however, with the discovery of a half consumed Rockstar discovered behind the monitor.

Handheld Terrorizes City

Dateline: January 20th 2017
Citizens are warned to be on the lookout for a small, sentient handheld game device. The handheld, calling itself GameBad has been hurling game cartridges and causing general disturbances since earlier today. "I don't know what happened, I was just standing there having a slice of pizza when that little bugger came up and clocked me with a Tetris!" exclaimed a man who declined an interview after the event. It should be noted that the device runs on classic alkaline batteries so the event is expected to last no longer than 10 hours.

Nintendo GAME BAD

Death By MMO

I share builder vitreolum's befuddlement at this phenomenon. Yes, people actually die while playing MMO games. They get way too into it and play for days without eating, drinking or sleeping and *whump*. I can understand "getting in the zone", I'm guilty of going deep during a creative endeavor and getting to the end of the day before realizing I hadn't eaten all day, but how one goes multiple days, and playing a game no less, is beyond me. I don't know what game this poor chap was playing, but it must have been immersive...perhaps too immersive.

Death by MMO

And I Know When That Hotline Bling....

This LEGO vignette by Nannan Zhang perfectly depicts some of the gameplay in Hotline Miami. The main minifig is 'Jacket' who wears a variety of masks as he takes on the local Russian Mafia, following instructions left on his answer machine. This scene sees Jacket bursting through the door and shooting one mob member whilst wealding a bat ready to take on the next. I really love the use of the red crystal in the back of the minifig that's been shot - it really creates a sense of impact! Also the dark red tiles under the dead minifig by the door as the blood spills over the floor.

Hotline Miami