My First Computer: Adore Edition

No one brings the nostalgia with a subtle unique style quite like Chris McVeigh. His creations are so cleanly built and beautifully photographed you know they're his as soon as you see them. This is an update of one of his earliest computer builds, and it's awesome. Being an old school Amiga man, I have a soft spot for Commodore, and the 64 is an undisputed legend. You can build your own soon when he publishes a building guide to his website.

Adore Edition v3.0

*Tack Tack Tack Tack Ding Swish Clunk*

Listen up you young'uns, you don't know how good you have it. When I was in high school this is what we learned to type on, a typewriter. OK granted there was a computer lab right next door, but they still had a load of these antiquated devices and they were hellbent on using them. So this lovely and clean little MOC by cmaddison stirs up a weird combination of nostalgia and post typographic stress disorder.


20 Megabytes?! How Will We EVER Fill That?

Yes, that title is based on a true story. This computer reminds me of my wife's first computer, a 386 beast from Hewlett Packard, and it would have looked right at home on this wonderful retro desk by Chris McVeigh. There's so many details to love here, from the insertable floppies to the what is certainly a bit of a squeaky chair. There's even hidden details in the drawers that open. Stay tuned for building instructions too!

Everything new is old again

Dim The Lights

You always knew it was going to be a pretty chill day when you got to the classroom and one of these was sitting in the middle of the room. Well, this type pre-dates my school days, but you get the picture. That's right, when we wanted to see projected moving pictures back in the day we used one of these, and threaded film through it, and it was noisy, and pretty bad, and we loved it. A wonderful does of nostalgia from builder Carlmerriam.

LEGO 16mm Projector