When Vinyl Was King

I'm dating myself, but I remember when the only way to get music was records or those new fangled 8-tracks. In fact, I remember my very first records, they were the Star Wars soundtrack and the Story of Star Wars (still have them!) But this MOC by MinifigNick goes back even before my time, to the 50's, when vinyl was king, hair was interesting and rock 'n roll was new.

Record Store Day (Sometime Long Before It Was Even Thought Of !)

Delightfully Retro

Tomorrow I will break out the Christmas carols for the first time of the year. We usually decorate for Christmas after feasting on Turkey and we'll listen to carols as we do it. Especially fun when I break out the vinyl, since I have all the records we listened to as a child. Back then they were played on a console very similar to this brilliant old school turntable by Yul Burman Karel.

LEGO MOC - Vintage Turntable with Cassette