SmartBrick- Bringing Bluetooth Control To Power Functions

Power Functions are awesome. There's just something magical that happens when you can bring a MOC to life with lights and motion. Well now there's something to take that magic to the next level, like exponentially to the next level. Some very smart people in the UK (Mark Bollobas and his team) have come up with a way to control PF over bluetooth with smartphones. And it's not just a bluetooth version of the standard IR block, this thing is supercharged with features. You can, among other things...

  • Control from 100 Meters away
  • Use it in direct sunlight (try doing that with the IR one)
  • Control 64 ports (!)
  • Tweak away with programmable firmware
  • Use custom profiles
  • Control MOCs over the internet
  • Interact with other users with social functions 

There are so many cool things you can do with this awesome bit of hardware, I can't imagine what users will do with it once it's in the wild. But for now they need your help to get to mass production so head over to their Kickstarter project and throw some love their direction!