The Perfect Tree

Santa seems a bit late with the whole tree thing, we’ve had ours up since Thanksgiving. But thanks to builder Norton74 he’ll have it back to the workshop lickity split with his trusty pickup. Then he can get back to the business at hand, which is good because our tree is looking a little bleak right now (the woes of being a freelance artist). We’re counting on you Santa!

Oh Christmas Tree...

I for one am eternally grateful I haven't lost my child-like appreciation for Christmas. My immediate response to anyone that asks how old I am is "chronologically"? Not much makes me happier than sitting in my living room on Christmas morning with the fire going, my family around me, Christmas music on (or A Christmas Story) and the tree glowing softly with presents under it. Like this wonderful tree by builder wenyehng. And the knowledge that at least some of those presents under that tree were designed for someone decades younger than me gives me no small sense of pride. I'm a manchild, and it's my favorite day of the year.

Christmas Preparation