I’ll set the scene for you: The wind is still howling, the worst of the storm as passed but it’s not quite over. The station is in ruins, all around you is destruction. Seven months of work, all gone. You and a handful of Alpha Centauri engineers are huddled in the “panic pod”, the E26 Crew Emergency Shelter. While there’s enough M5 ration packs to last a week, your future is uncertain, and this is on everyone’s mind as you all stoically look at each other. The lights flicker in the pod, and everyone instinctively looks at the fuel cell monitor, the LCD is cracked, but it still functions, it flashes a grim message…”Vapor barrier compromised, safety protocol initiated”. You all know what that means, less than 12 hours of heat and light, this pod just became a coffin. As you all wrap your head around this heartbreaking reality you hear a muffled, rhythmic pounding. As you cautiously peer out of the single view of the world around you, a small round window with scratched 4 inch sapphire glass, the sound becomes louder. In the distance, obscured by flying dust and debris, a shape emerges from the haze. A large, bipedal figure looms ominously, but instead of fear or dread, you can barely contain your joy. “It’s Lenny!” you exclaim as the other crew members shout out in excitement, you are saved.

Quack Quack, Stomp Stomp

Look out Mechy Mouse, there's some stompy competition in town courtesy of Moko. I'm going to be vacationing at the Disneyland resort in July, so I think there's enough time for the Imagineers to get going on some of these. I mean floats are nice, and I do watch a parade from time to time, but if these were clomping down Main Street, I would so be there.

Donald Robo

Stomping The Cuteness Out Of You

Something magical happens when you combine Fabuland with something slightly less adorable, like a bipedal walking mech! Check out this walking study of contrasts by nobu_tary, it's the perfect combination of "squeee" and "squish". I can just hear the battlefield comentary:

"Viper Den this is Fang Six, we have incoming hostiles...wait, maybe not...aww it's a cute bunny...AHHHHGGHHHH!"

Fabu Walker


It seems inevitable that one day we'll have biped machines roaming either this or other worlds. We're just so captivated by the concept of making things walk. If the recent DARPA event is any indication we're still quite a ways off, but we still have our collective imagination. Like this awesome neo classic space walker by newcomer damoncorso, the future looks bright and stompy.