Long Range Scout

Feast your eyes on the NCS greebly goodness that is hhcBrick's Long Range Scout. It's got all the hallmarks of neo classic space, classic blue and light grey, yellow canopies, bumble-bee stripes and fantastic retro style design. But the real jaw dropper on this craft is when you flip it over. Proper greebs should look functional as well as complicated, not just a bunch of stuff attached, this is how it's done!

LL 228 Long Range Scout – three-quarters view.jpg
LL 228 Long Range Scout - underside 02


I don't know what the typical SHIP build time is. I know that if I was going to build one, it would probably take the entirety of the month (and then I still wouldn't finish). So you can imagine my shock to learn that this SHIP by Kris Manabo was built over the course of four days! That's the same time it took me to build my silly little Madness MOC. It's on display at BrickCon this weekend and worth a pause as you make your way around the show floor.


Lime Explorer

Builder Rogue Bantha continues his exploration of color, and things are getting interesting. Not that I have anything against some classic grey, blue and yellow, but seeing some splashes of unusual color, combined with his spectacular building style and skill, makes for some eye popping MOCs. The overall shape is unusual, the greebs are nice and the build is clean. This is pretty awesome.

Lime Explorator

Neophyter F6 Type

The king of the greeb is back. Pete "Legoloverman" Reid needs no introduction. Between his excellent Space book and his phenomenal LEGO Ideas Exo-Suit, he's practically a household name. This fighter is a bit of a departure from the color scheme of neo classic space, but it's a welcome change. And just look at the greebly goodness on the belly, lovely.