You know what you need? A duck mech. I’ll be truthful, I didn’t know I needed one too until I saw this MOC by Moko. Ok, maybe I don’t need one, but I WANT one! I have no idea what I’ll do with it, where on earth I’d take it, just around my sleepy little town of Lompoc, CA probably. Maybe I’ll fabricate a costume, and fight crime in it, please submit your ideas for my new super hero persona.


It's as classic as you get when talking about the early days of LEGO, the wooden duck pull toy. I had the distinct pleasure (and lets face it, stress) of having one in the studio while shooting the animation for the Brickumentary. It had it's own special case and was kept tucked away for security. You could hear angels sing every time I pulled it out for use (ok, maybe just in my head). To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the brick builder JK Brickworks is paying tribute to the duck with this brilliant build, and you can have your own because he's released building instructions. Every true fan needs one, build yours today!

Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

It's one of those things that pops up on Facebook, or is heard over the cubicle, "hey, did you see the one of the cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba chasing a baby chicken?" It's one of those things that makes you go "what? What did I just hear? What the Frack?" And of course it's one of those things that inevitably comes from Iain Heath. Well, played sir, well played.

LEGO Roomba Cat