It's A Miss, It's Totally A Miss

And once again Ochre Jelly is all over a meme before I’ve even heard of it (and truly, I could have lived without it). I don’t know the origin of this, what it’s based on, who this lass is or anything. And I feel a headache would follow any attempt at research so I’ll just post this and remain willfully ignorant of this one Iain.

Get Distracted

Keeping up with the memes of the internet is exhausting, every time I turn around there’s a new one, and half the time I don’t get it (get off my lawn!). But builder Ochre Jelly not only keeps up, he expands on them and has pretty much woven himself into the memesphere (is that a thing? I just made it up). Take for instance the meme of the year “distracted boyfriend”, now we have a LEGO version thanks to Iain (which, by the way, is brilliant), now go forth and meme away, or go meme yourself, or memeify (I’m terrible at this).

Art Imitating Life Imitating Art

It's one of those things that pops up on Facebook, or is heard over the cubicle, "hey, did you see the one of the cat dressed as a shark riding a Roomba chasing a baby chicken?" It's one of those things that makes you go "what? What did I just hear? What the Frack?" And of course it's one of those things that inevitably comes from Iain Heath. Well, played sir, well played.

LEGO Roomba Cat