Epic Space Collaboration

This is a wonder to behold. This is what happens when seven of the best space builders on the planet pool their resources and build together. This space base is the collective work of Jason Briscoe (Brizzasbricks), Gary Davis (Bricks for Brains), Tim Goddard (Rogue Bantha), Andrew Hamilton (Wami Delthorn), Alec Hole (hhcBrick), Rhys Knight (Mister Bricks) and Peter Reid (Legoloverman). It's a true dream team of builders, and the results are jaw-dropping, I strongly encourage you to click here to see many more pics.

Collaborative Space Base build
Collaborative Space Station – top section
Underground Scene by Gary Davis

Welcome To Nordheim

I hope you brought your jacket (and maybe some armor, just in case). This is the chilly realm of Nordheim, a collaborative build by jsnyder002 and soccersnyderi. This premiered at BrickFair VA last week, and I'm certain it must have been quite the sight in person. It's 130×98 studs and weighs a whopping 87 pounds, that's a serious diorama. I highly recommend clicking through and checking out both of their photo streams for more pics, this thing is packed with detail and fun surprises.

Life in Nordheim
Life in Nordheim
Life in Nordheim
Life in Nordheim
Nordheim Fjall

Borderlands 2 Collaborative

Collaborative builds, especially on this scale, are hard to cover and do justice to the MOCs. After months of work, the builder group GamerLUG (Nick Brick, Lego Junkie, Si-MOCsDR.ChurchMasked BuilderAlec_DEdgelessAbyss) combined forces to present a show stopping and trophy winning Borderlands 2 display. As much as I'd like to feature every individual MOC, there's just not enough time, so I'll invite you to visit all these builders' individual Flickr streams and check out the video.

Psycho, Mechromancer class Gaige & Deathtrap, Mr. Torgue, and Angel - Borderlands 2
Borderlands 2: Return to Pandora, hero shot.
Borderlands2: Return to Pandora

Da Bears

While I'm not a huge sports fan, I am a big fan of bricks, and that's what makes up this excellent football stadium by Dave Kaleta. But what I like even more is the story behind this. It's actually the result of a collaboration between Dave and a very young apprentice, like 6 years young. It all started innocently enough, with just an idea for the field, but it grew into something fantastic.

Soldier Field - Overview
Soldier Field - Steelers vs. Bears

Pirate Jigbots

This is the kind of thing that happens when you bring together a small group of insanely talented builders and a spark of inspiration. This is a collaborative build from Brickthing, LegoJunkie, Legonardo Davidy and Si-MOCs based on the original Jigbot by BrickThing. I don't know which sea these pirates sail, but I'm sure it's a perilous and hilarious place to be.

Pirate Jigbots