Brickworld Report, Part 2 - Collaborations

One of the great things about a LEGO convention like Brickworld are the Collaborative builds. Collaborative displays allow builders to pool their resources and skill sets together to create something much larger and more diverse than any one builder can do alone. This year's Brickworld features two new massive collaborative displays, The Odyssey from VirtuaLUG and Collector Minifigure Habitats from ToroLUG. The Odyssey collaboration features all of the major events of Odysseus and his crew as they sail about the sea on their 10 year journey. The Collector Minifigure Habitats and their completely different apartment-like styles vary greatly from a traditional display but is no less cool and progressive in its design.

Next up in part three of our Brickworld coverage we will cover the individual builds in all of their glory.