Ginko Lodgings

I'm going to pretend that this lovely floating treehouse dwelling by Brother Steven is actually an AirBnB that anyone can rent, including me. And I'd like to book it immediately for at least a couple night's stay. I don't know exactly how I'll get there, perhaps I'll rig my new Airstream with dirigible capabilities (hey, if he can have a floating treehouse I can have a floating RV, it's only fair)

Gingko Lodgings

Dwarf House

This may be an odd tangent, but would't this make an nifty Airbnb? I've stayed at several over the years, most pretty normal, a couple unorthodox (an RV in someone's back yard?) but nothing even close to this interesting. Tell me you would't love to stay here at this wonderful and whimsical house by builder jaapxaap for just a couple nights, it would be awesome.

The Dwarf House
The Dwarf House

Cargo Skyboat

There's no description for this whimsical and fantastic MOC by builder tkel86 so I'll have to make one up. This is Nathanial S. Berkshire's air cargo boat Windswept. He and his trusty right hand man Bootjack offer their services of transport of all manner of items in the northern skies of Florlandia, in the Willow district. The Windswept is a neutrally buoyant lighter than air craft, with turbine assist and a range of 940 nautical miles. 


Robin Hood and Little John

One memory came rushing to the front of my mind when I first saw this build, so bear with me a second while I take a trip down memory lane. I can't help but envision the scene from Robin Hood: Men in Tights where Robin and Little John are fighting over the bridge. They keep breaking their staffs in half to the point where they are just tiny sticks which they then use to rap each other on the knuckles. Good times. Anyway, this vignette from Paul Vermeesch is a pretty sweet one right? The entire excellent "Brick Time Stories" collaboration series was featured at Brickworld this year and I will post them as I find them.

Robin Hood and Little John