Ginko Lodgings

I'm going to pretend that this lovely floating treehouse dwelling by Brother Steven is actually an AirBnB that anyone can rent, including me. And I'd like to book it immediately for at least a couple night's stay. I don't know exactly how I'll get there, perhaps I'll rig my new Airstream with dirigible capabilities (hey, if he can have a floating treehouse I can have a floating RV, it's only fair)

Gingko Lodgings

Quite Possibly The Single Greatest Use Of Bananas Ever

Sometimes it's not the obscurity of a part that makes it a NPU (nice part use). Everyone has a banana or two, at one point last year we had over 100 in the studio for a particular animation gig, but the thought of using them as thatching on a roof, like this brilliant treehouse MOC by theogiulia never occurred to me. What a fantastic use of a totally mundane part.

Maison d'Assurancetourix

Sennecks' Reside

Builder Legonardo Davidy has done it again, just look at this amazing MOC. Only a few short years ago I wouldn't have believed shapes and structures like this were possible with our favorite building material, but I'm continually amazed and delighted by builders who push the limits and boundaries of the hobby. There's so many things I love about this I don't know where to start, so I'll just invite you to stare along with me.

Sennecks' Reside