Man With The Golden Gun

No, not the Bond villain, this is a different villain, namely Frau Irene Engel from Wolfenstein. Come to think of it, she's also not a man, ignore that title, it makes no sense. Nick Brick built this ornate beauty, using only official LEGO pearl gold elements. This is a build restriction that would challenge even the best builders, but Nick pulls it off beautifully. 

Gold Pistole 1946 - Wolfenstein


Modern first person shooters certainly do offer a never ending supply of inspiration for weapon builder Nick Brick. His latest full sized pistol, the Alternator, is from Titanfall 2. It's a sub machine gun with a novel side by side barrel arrangement. Nick also paired it with a time travel device cleverly called the Time Device, which is actually pretty cool in game play. For once I might actually get to see these devices in action, since this game is on my son's Christmas list.

Alternator - Titanfall 2
Alternator & Time Device - Titanfall 2

Saboteur 67 Ultra Wave Equalizer

If you're not familiar with Dr. Grordbort, you need to acquaint yourself. It's a rabbit hole of much steampunk goodness "where science meets violence". This pistol by Grantmasters was inspired by the Saboteur 66, one of a great many whimsical and wonderful steampunk weapons featured. It's small, much smaller than you would first think, but t's powerful. 

Saboteur 67 Ultra Wave Equaliser

Steamy Pew Pew

The distinguished gentleman know that when it comes to personal defense, there's absolutely no reason that the apparatus need be without style or panache. The Winchester Action Thermal Steam Operated Neutralizer, or WATSON Pistol is just the thing for standing down a rogue and doing it with flair. Now available at Higby and Bloque, and wherever fine firearms are sold.

Steampunk Gun