I'll Drink To That

It’s still early September, but don’t bother pointing it out to this couple crafted by Miro78. He’s wearing lederhosen and holding a pint, she’s wearing a dirndl and holding a pretzel, and they’re no doubt listening to some fabulous oom pah pah music as they celebrate Oktoberfest. Coincidentally, I made bavarian style pretzels just last night (no really, I posted a pic on Facebook).

Weelond Oktoberfest

Way back in October 1810, Crown Prince Ludwig got married to Princess Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, and the whole of Munich turned out for the party, and they've been partying ever since. But humans started gathering for celebration with beer, food and friends long before that, and builder Ayrlego shows us what it looked like in medieval times (pretty much the same).

Weelond Oktoberfest

Bricks On Tap

There is an unmistakable link between beer and building. I've seen it a lot in my years as an AFOL, and it's something I didn't notice at first, but looking back it was obvious the whole time. So when the two collide as elegantly as this MOC by builder J.B.F. it just seems natural. As we ramp up to Bricks LA this weekend, you can bet beer is in the future, and I'll be thinking of this MOC I'm sure.

Beer on Tap