Flashman's Study

This brilliant study interior is the culmination of 5 years of vignettes by builder workshysteve covering the life and times of Harry Paget Flashman. They start when he's a schoolboy and lead to this MOC, where he's reflecting on an eventful life and writing his memoirs. If you've got some time I recommend checking out the series, they're really well done and have a level of commitment rarely seen.

Epilogue. Flashman’s papers

A Full Month Of Half-Blood Prince

BrickNerd's own Mel Finelli has taken on the admirable (if not slightly bonkers) task of building a MOC a day for this entire month inspired by Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. So far she's right on point, and the wonderful little vignettes are a daily delight. Here's just a few of those done so far, and we have plenty more to look forward to.

04 - Horace Slughorn
05 - Excess of Phlegm
06 - Draco's Detour


This is a fun concept. It's a vignette built of smaller hinged vignettes, that can be reconfigured in many ways for display or play. This one is obviously Oktoberfest inspired, with some beer affectionados enjoying some brew, but I can see this being infinitely reconfigurable by adding additional modules, and of course theming. I mean, how cool would it be so see a Star Wars cantina, or a wild west saloon, or a space station. The possibilities are endless.


This Is How You Feature Minifigures

Builders Jme Wheeler and Daniel Konstanski did a series of vignettes to show off the Disney Collectible Minifigure series for issue 22 of Blocks. I never saw this issue (it's a UK based mag) but  I love how these turned out. Each is wonderfully detailed and totally unique, and highlights the characters perfectly. I couldn't find any of Daniel's online, but click through to see a couple more by Jme.

Poor Unfortunate Souls (Little Mermaid)
Poor, Simple Fools (Maleficent)
We're All Mad Here (Alice)

Checking In On The Goblet Of Fire

These MOCs are part of an absolutely epic undertaking by the latest member of a small team of dedicated Harry Potter and LEGO fans. Each is a small vignette representing a notable scene from the legendary book series. These are from The Goblet of Fire, the fourth book in the series, and are built by Xenomurphy, who took up the mantle from builders MarcelV'rolli and Kevin Wollert. Each is a small piece of a larger story, and a story unto itself.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 09
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 06
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 02